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This is a bit of a rant.
I'll probably say college when I mean Uni, here in Ireland they're the same thing, we just have school and then Uni/college.

I hate Uni, I really do. I won't be going back when I drop out.

I don't see myself working in an office for the rest of my life.

I also have zero intentions of just getting a job to pay the bills, I want to do more with my life.
My housemate works in McDonalds and couldn't be happier, I'm delighted for him but that's not for me.

So what else is out there for me?

I need to learn a trade, skill or craft - I need to be good at something transferable.

I know deep down in myself I want to be self employed.
I just want control over what I do and how I do it.

I want to be rich, to put it bluntly right now at 23 I don't have much interest in a stable 9-5 with holidays, things might change when I hit 40 but right now I want grow a business, I want to reap the rewards that that can afford me.

The most successful fella I know runs his own IT business outfitting schools with tech, guy has an Audi R8 and a busy job that he loves.

My uncle is a carpenter, he specialises in fitting kitchens, wardrobes and flooring - he's doing very well for himself.

That's what I need to do, I need to learn a transferable skill, craft or trade and start a business from it.
It needs to be something I can tolerate day in day out, I just need to feel like I'm working towards that end goal whilst tolerating what I do day in day out.

I've already spent a couple months as an electrician apprentice - was not a fan, I didn't care for the work, there was no pride in it.. It wasn't for me.
I don't want a job slaving away in the elements, I wouldn't go bricklaying or roofing.

I just need to find the work satisfying and not get frostbite.
I've done some work with my uncle, it's hard going but enjoyable at the same time.
It felt good seeing a finished kitchen, I didn't get that feeling from cable tray and conduit.

I need to get into something and graft.
I need discipline.

I don't know where I'm going with this..
This is basically me trying to blueprint what I need to do to be happy in my career.

- Find something I'd enjoy doing, or at least tolerate doing that has potential for self employment/growth
- Learn a skill/craft/trade in that area, might not be an actual trade.. Maybe just starting a business in that field - i.e the guy I know fitting schools.
- Stick at it, tough out the hard work - Hard work isn't as bad as work you hate, carpentry is hard work but I don't hate it like I hate Uni projects.
- Start my own business, that's always been the goal.
- Work my ass off and make something of it, wherever that may take me, that's always been the dream.

I'm from Ireland, two brothers went from being plasterers to owning one of the largest property management firms in the course of their careers - That's what I'm chasing.
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first off, good for you for going against the grain! And good luck! You got this!

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