What the hell are these bullies going to do? Karma coming back

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The cousin who gives me the silent treatment for years, talks to everyone in the room, table expect me and I could sitting next to him for hours. He's been giving me the silent treatment for years and wishes to make me feel awkward.

He acts manipulative, sly, takes digs, indirectly has put down, belittled, his mother put me down indirectly on whatsapp which I left the group. They never want to hear or acknowledge anything positive.

They act and behave condensing towards me.

His younger brother when I started talking for some reason said "I do not care" and indirectly put me down.

The cousin and his mother wishes to control. Over the years at parties, house parties, family events, the cousin tried to make me feel awkward, seek a reaction by the way he behaves.

I still think they are trying to manipulate others, saying stuff behind my back about my successes and going to America, they never ever want other people to hear, see me doing well.

They said 'how' when I'm doing well, they hardly know me.

They never wish to hear, say about anything positive.

They tried to silence, undermine, cause problems.

They've ignored, but will have to answer:

-About my education
-Going to America
-Other thing

What's 'don't care' meant to mean? I've won there as it's a strong emotional reaction and his mom always tries to show me up and indirectly put me down, so she cares. They're so insecure.

What they're gonna do now? They have no right to say I show off if they do? Say I'm lying? So I'm not suppose have a life? Everyone else can have successes.
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