How long should I study for at the library if I want to do further studies?

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Due to the pandemic, I am on a course I like but I would want to do something related when I graduate as I do not want to be a teacher. I currently study linguistics, I was studying Japanese but dropped it because I didn't see the point of studying that online.

I would love to do international journalism or something relating to Middle Eastern peace/conflict. My grades aren't that great so far and I studied a journalism course prior to going to university.

This year has been the worst academic year for me and mentally too, but I have been studying at the library 4/5 days a week for 3-5 hours. I am wondering if this will push my grades up slightly if I put more time in as I know most postgraduate courses require a 2.1 or a First.

Advice please?
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I'm finding it difficult to follow the paths of your logic and the way you're presenting you situation. I can understand that Covid and the move to online learning has disrupted course structures and left many of us struggling to remain focused. But how that relates to your career or further study is less clear. And how that could link to parameter such as a certain number of hours in a library seems a further leap of understanding.
Your most immediate need seems to be a question of how you can improve your grades. And that's a classical question of quality rather than quantity. Why is your (quite extensive) study time not yielding the results that you want? And for that you need some support from your university. Is there a study skills aspect of your course? Can your tutors help you optimise your study? Are there systems that enable you to identify your personal learning style? Busyness does not necessarily correlate with productivity.

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