got my first yr12 report back :(( pls send HELP

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hi, I just got my first year 12 report back and it's worse than I thought, I don't know how to deal with it!
Especially the teacher comments - they're so harsh!
Up until secondary school (y11) my teachers would always be so nice and generally the 'teacher comments' would just be praises and good stuff.
I guess that's also because the content was easy and I sailed through it with good marks, unlike now when I get 40s and 50s on unit tests
I literally wanna cry, how am I suddenly doing so bad?
I know I can just improve on my grades and try hard over Christmas, and I do feel guilty of going in that vicious cycle of /doing bad --> wanting to escape reality --> binge watching netflix shows --> doing bad --> ..../

But anyway the immediate problem is that my parents will get an email with the report very soon, and they'll find it, see it and be *horrified*.
They're going to want to ask me questions and I don't know how I'll deal with them. I'm not even able to take it in and accept it myself, so I don't feel ready to discuss it with my parents.

Has anyone been through this before? How do you deal with this kind of stuff? How do you positively discuss bad grades with parents?

Thanks!! Any help super appreciated!!
Joseph Green
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Going into year 12,teachers start treating you more like adults and so use more critical language and are more harsh. Not only that but A-Levels are a big step up from GCSE so it's not uncommon to suddenly do a lot worse than you might think. If you think you're parents are going to flip when they see it, you need to make it clear that you didn't realise the difficulty curve between gcse and alevel and that over time you'll adjust and get better. If anything, it's good that you did poorly since your teachers will have plenty of topics to help you improve on and the more time you put into learning, the better the outcome

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