Feeling under pressure on my art project... ADVICE

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For a personal project, I'm currently illustrating a book which I hope to get published next year. I told a few family members that I want to get the book done by next Spring/Summer.

However one specific distant family member told other people within the family about my plan, and they're all saying "cant wait to see the book, or "let me know when the book is done, "how is the book coming along etc.. If I knew what that family member was like I wouldn't have told them.

I guess I told them in a light-hearted way, I didn't give them a defiant deadline.

The thing is I'm still near the beginning of the book; I started the book in
September. There were loads of set backs within illustrating, researching as well as day to day life stuff.

I'm just worried that the book wont get finished on time, Im trying to work as hard as I can. People will think that Spring/Summer is ages away but it's going to come so quickly.

I just feel under pressure of meeting people's expectations... do you have any advice. Thank You!
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aww I so understand where you're coming from. I tried to make a 32-page illustrated children's book a little while ago - it's so much work!! Especially if you draw each page in a lot of detail - one page can take like a week sometimes. I later realised that quite a few kids books are super simple (like the pigeon book or the hungry caterpillar) which would make them much easier (and quicker!) to illustrate.

I guess the first step is to go easy on yourself for it taking a while. Be kind to yourself, try not to put pressure on yourself and just say: "It's ok, it'll take as long as it takes." It's good to set general goals like "I'll do it within a year" but when that goal starts feeling like too much pressure and starts to feel uncomfortable, I'm not sure if it's always that helpful. It can be helpful to be flexible about it and not worry too much if you pass the deadline. As long as you're making progress, that's great! You'll get it done in the end

Once you let go of the pressure you put on yourself to do it in a certain time-frame, then what other people say about "when's it done?!" won't irk you so much, coz you've decided to relax about it and you've decided that it's ok if it takes a while.

At the end of the day, it's your life, your project and the person who cares about it most is you. Most people are so busy with their lives, they won't see it as something that important - whether you take a short time or a longer time to complete a project. So try not to pressure yourself for their sake, especially when they probably won't mind much either way.
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