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I am not sure whether I want to do an IGCSE Geography?

I am an adult and I went to University and got a degree.

When I was at school in the late 90's I was taking GCSE Geography lessons but the teacher told my parents I had a learning difficulty and shouldn't take the exam. So at the end I didn't take Geography as I was struggling with it at the time. I took my other GCSEs.

Fast forward to now, I am an adult and I am thinking about doing GCSE Geography, but the IGCSE one as you can do it at any age and it is without coursework. I also want to self-teach myself. Does anyone know of any good websites for revision/exam skills/past papers?

I have been looking around colleges but it caters for teenagers only.

Does anyone know of any adult learning centers that caters for adults to do an IGCSE at any subject?

Is it worth doing a GCSE again or shall I leave it as I am not sure what to do?

Any suggestions please?

I will appreciate your help.

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I wonder, since you've gone on to University, why do it now? It would be a waste of time I think, and money since you'll have to be entered as a private candidate and you'd have to find an individual exam center that caters to private candidates, whom all have their own administration costs. But otherwise...

IGCSE Geography is a fun subject, granted you look at it that way and have at least a bare minimum interest in how the Earth works!

I found the subject to be fun, but don't let that deter you from the fact that it is moderately difficult in that you must be able to rememeber key concepts and definitions such as those of earthquake boundaries, high tide, low tide, etc.

As for the course material and resources, you can use an official endorsed coursebook for the subject. I don't know whether the coursebook has changed but you can check on https://www.cambridgeinternational.o...eography-0460/ under the "resources" tab.
(An advice from me though, please don't use the Collins book — I found the format of that book to be unnecessary and not so easy to read and digest.)

For past papers, this website has all you need — https://pastpapers.papacambridge.com...y%20%280460%29

I recommend revising from the 2015 onwards past papers and mark schemes, which for the most part will prepare you for the exam if you choose to study by yourself. You will want to especially focus on how they want you to answer the map skills questions, which I found the most difficult since they are pretty specific and you will want to be prepared in terms of being able to study a map and locate landmarks/locations/etc.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is an amazing homeschooling college and they have a IGCSE Geography course, check it out! There are tutors supplied alongwith and they have wonderful resources with the course content. Learners of any age are free to apply with them. I'm their student myself.

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