June 2020 history section a/b paper 1 aqa

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hi all, just sat the JUNE 2020 HISTORY SECTION A/B PAPER 1 AQA

conflict and tension: interwar years
democrcy and dictatorship: germany

Q1 for conflict was a source of Britain and france feeding czechslovakia to a monster - Nazi -. i wrote about the munich agreement and how it mocked them for giving in to hitlers demands

q2 for conflict was 2 sources - a letter from germany to british government - a british cartoon of a goose strolling down a road stepping on the locarno pact and heavily armed. the question is how is the source useful to a historian studying the remilitarisation of the rhineland

q3 - write an account of the abysininan crisis and how it affected the league of nations

q4- "large reparations was the reason why germany opposed the treaty of versailles"


1. source question - how do the sources differnet in german attitudes of jews. 1 source is from a merchant who went in the sa and fought against communists.he says stuff like the jews were treated good and the newspapers dont show this-my bro worked for jews etc. 2nd source is from a professor who attended nazi rallies etc. he says that no one apologises for the persecution and interviewed someone from ss who said that they need to be dealt with

q2 is how the interpretations may differ

q3 is how concincing are the interpretations

q4 - describe 2 problems before 1914

q5 (dont remember srry)

q6 was which of these led to increased support for nazis - german economic problems or hitlers appeal

good luck to anyone doing the paper. hope this helps
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Hi, sorry for bothering you

By any chance do you remember the questions on paper 2 for AQA history June 2019 paper?

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