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    If you are easily upset about mentally ill people being exploited or women being used to pay off debts don't read further!

    Basically there is a bloke I know he's not a friend but his mum and my mum are friends. A couple of years ago this guy heavily into drugs started with cannabis and then got onto harder stuff , he was also taking sterioids at the same time. He became violent and ended up in a fight with the Police where a Police dog lost an eye and a Policeman was injured apparently . He was nutted off and put in a mental hospital where he was diagnosed with a schizophrenia. He came out after a year and a bit and did not look like he used to.He must have weighed 20 stone and was not with it at all.They must have heavily drugged him in the hospital. It was quite sad to be honest because he were a fit lad.

    So he was housed in a street which is notorious in my area for junkys because his mum couldn't have him back because he was violent to her and she had the rest of his family to think about.Why the council housed him there is frankly a disgrace. He is meant to have a social worker and a shrink supervising him too. While he was in hospital he Grandad left him five grand in his will. This lad fell in with the wrong crowd and he was scammed out of the entire five grand by this person .This person told him it was a business venture and he would double his money. When this bloke asked for his money back this person told him he had lost all of it but he could have his wife for a week as payment and do what he wanted with her. The bloke took him up on the offer and she gave him a nasty sexually transmitted disease. According to my sister his wife is junky scum who sells her bottom on the seafront.

    What I want to know is ,would the Police be interested in this oxygen thief , as the bloke who was ill is up to his eyeballs on meds and is so ill he needs a social worker to supervise him . In an ideal world you could break a finger a week then move on to his toes and limbs till he coughs up the money but I don't fancy going to court for scum. esp as the guy he scammed isn't family selfish I know. But this has upset my Mum and I don't like seeing her upset.Because she knew him as a nipper. So I just curious if this scumbag has broke any laws. Would the court see it as stealing ? even though he got and accepted his wife as payment. Would that payment be taken as valid in a court of law because I can't see how it could be. Thoughts?

    I'm no lawyer but maybe he could say the 'business man' was deceiving him and almost bullying him into giving him five grand. You know how like some people try to sell things to old people because they are vulnerable.

    Although if it really was a business venture and the business man and the guy agreed and signed a contract it might be hard because at the end of the day many businesses fail and cannot pay back shareholders etc.
    My dad is a foolish man, he gave 3 grand of my mums money to his friend because he thought his firend would make big bucks. But turns out the guy is a ******** and spent it on crap, and there is nothing my dad and mum can do about it. My mum was very angry and upset but she has forgiven my dad now.

    Maybe you could complain to the government for putting the mentally ill person in a rubbish housing area because it is obvious that it would worsen the problem plus social workers/shrinks do not come alot to help him.
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