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An increase in the intensity of exercise produces an increase in the volume of carbon dioxide produced.
However, Figure 3 shows that the pCO2 in air breathed out did not show a large increase during the exercise.
Suggest one physiological change that would cause this result. Explain how the physiological change would allow for the removal of the increase in the volume of
Calculate the ratio of pO2 to pCO2 in breathed-out air at this time. Show your working.

You dont need Figure 3 as it explains what it shows anyway.
I can't think of a way that this is possible unless it's because anaerobic respiration is occuring but in this case CO2 is still produced as a byproduct.
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Hi Cherry sorry to hear that your height and weight have become static :mad: - I would suggest cooking some sumptuous meals with high protein and calorie content, as well as rich in B group vitamins [whole grains have a lot] cos growth requires energy and some B vitamins are precursors of coenzymes needed in e.g. the Kreb's cycle [e.g. riboflavine is necessary for synthesis of flavine adenine dinucleotide [FAD - which yields 3 ATP when oxidized]].

Ok now that your stunting is sorted , let us tackle your Q.

Physiological changes that can help get rid of the CO2 include:
(remember we have lungs, but between the two lungs, there is the seat of love [coloquially].

-- Heart rate speeds up[called tachycardia] meaning blood flow to the muscles increases [can do so substantially], hence the ability of the blood to carry CO2 away from muscles increases.

-- The drop in pH is sensed by the medulla in the brain, which sends nerve impulses to the muscles of respiration [intercostal muscles and diaphragm], and this increases the depth and rate of breathing, hence getting rid of more CO2 into the atmosphere.

etc etc.

Let me know when you put on 2 ft of height; I have connections with Harlem Globetrotters lol!
Be safe!


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