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is moving school for sixth form a good idea? i’d really love to move to a more positive environment and start over also to learn in a better school but our school keeps trying to scare us into thinking we won’t like a different school for sixth form. if you moved schools for sixth-form can you tell me the pros and cons or how you found it??
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I moved house when I started sixth form and I dreaded it and teachers were similar to yours in trying to scare people into staying but I obviously had no choice but to move.
Moving sixth forms was honestly the best choice for me. I moved from a comprehensive to a grammar and it was in a different county. I knew the education would be to a far better standard because it was a v well know school so that was my main motivation. I made amazing new friends who are my friends for life now and honestly had the best time and came at with A*AB which I am so happy with.
I’d say it is an amazing way to make a fresh new start as well as getting a new motivated to work hard. I found that people at my old school were less friendly as I had known many of them since preschool. It also prepared me for uni and life where you will always have to meet new people.
It is a risk but I’d say visit the sixth form and if you get good vibes and think you’d be able to work well there then definitely go. Its not ideal but you can always move to a different one if it doesn’t work out.
Each experience in sixth form is unique to each person so you never know.
Good luck, hope that helps. X
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