Personal Statement Help! (Gap Year and Covid-19 Edition)

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Hi guys so i'm on a gap year and due to personal issues i haven't been able to send off my UCAS application yet. I have compiled some information which i'm going to put on my personal statement but i don't know what else to write.

I'm applying for veterinary nursing and a foundation veterinary medicine degree at different universities. I have 1 week of work experience at an animal shelter and i'm actively seeking more. I am self teaching myself veterinary content which i think will be valuable and help me if i manage to secure any interviews. I have a part time job in retail which helps me develop a ton of skills and allows me to learn new ones as well. I have a small business where i make handmade things like jewellery and decorations (i don't know the right word for what i make). I plan on travelling next year to do some conservation work abroad but only if the coronavirus situation gets any better.

Any advice is appreciated ))
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My advice would be that you don't need to teach yourself veterinary content - that is why you are going to study to be a nurse? If you knew it all there would be no point in going - spend this time on veterinary placement it will help you and your application far more.

I would strongly urge against applying to be a vet nurse until you have spent time shadowing vet nurses - what if the job isn't as you expect?

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