whats the point of studying law at non-Russell group uni??

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My question is that whats the point of studying law at a non-russell group uni. I know that many large law firms and magic circle law firms love russell group law students, so whats the point of studying law at a non-russell group uni. By the way I currently am studying law at a non-russell group uni and not hating. But at this point im wondering what I could do because clearly there's little to no chance of getting into a top law firm. I would love to get into these firms but im not sure if I would even stand a chance. So im wondering if there is any point in studying law at non russell group unis (im a first year student).
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You could still switch universities or do further study in a better uni, could you not?

I am not a law student, but is it not possible to get a decent job at a non-top firm?
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how do you know many large law firms and magic circle firms care about the name Russell Group? have you spoken to any hiring partners?

*if* there seems to be a disproportionate amount of RG graduates at said firms it's probably because they were the better applicant, has a better CV and a better interview - not because the employer has a list of RG unis on their desk and the applicant ticked the right box of attending an RG. it may be disproportionate as well because those firms get a disproportionate amount of RG grads who actually apply because those are the kids who want the job and believe they can compete for it. correlation =/= causation so i wouldn't listen to rumours that firms actually care or study which unis fall under RG.

what's the point of attending a non-RG is a hard question to answer because it might be the student doesn't care about RG, couldn't get into one or preferred whatever uni they had chosen. at my old law firm the office was full of non-RG grads (in fact i was like the only RG student) so there must be a point in going to one so long as you build your CV (but no, it wasn't a MC firm; it was mid-to-large size).

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