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I'm currently in y12 studying AQA psychology and Edexcel History and English Literature. I was wondering if anyone could help me with tops on how to revise any of these subjects. My main issue rn is that I procrastinate a lot and I think the main problem is I have no motivation to revise since I'm struggling to find ways to revise especially for History.
Thank you and any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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Yr 13 here, The only subject we have in common is psychology (but edexcel). I imagine the two exam boards are quite similar so my tips would be summarise any key theories or studies and then 2 strengths and 2 weakness for each. Then learn these off by heart. It won't be everything, but it's a good start.
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Break down the revision into steps, otherwise it's overwhelming. One way is creating a revision timetable and dedicate slots for specific topics. I did history years ago so I don't know the current content, but you could say you do Russia - World War One one day, then the 1917 February/October revolutions the next, and so on. If that's too big, then you could break it down further, e.g. economic/social/political, and so on.

Some methods include drawing mind maps/spider diagrams, writing on prompt cards, then testing yourself on your knowledge. If your essay skills need work, it's worth asking your teacher if they could mark some essays/essay plans for you.

Remember to take breaks, otherwise you'll burn out. I'm studying at degree level so it's different, but I work in four hour blocks then take a relatively long meal break. You may want to take more frequent, but shorter breaks.

If you want, maybe ask your parents or similar to check that you're actually studying? That way you have some pressure to actually work.

Nearly forgot, you can also try revising with your friends/classmates; at lunchtime, you could quiz each other on specific bits of knowledge, and it's a bit of friendly competition!
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