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Geography Section A - 12 Marker and Making Links 19th Dec

How do coasts and floods link together, to answer this question
Assess the physical and human factors which affect the pattern of UK properties at risk from flooding - 12 marks

How could you make links between climate change, coasts, and floods in general?
Could you say that risisng sea levels from climate change will lead to an increase in coastal erosion, putting more homes at risk
and higher rainfall from climate change, more rain in rivers which will cause more floods, or would you need more detail?

Firstly this is what to do. I would list all of the ways in which floods and coasts are similar and find some more ways in which they are vastly different on a piece of paper. See if you can find any interesting patterns and links in the information online and in your course textbook as well. Make brief notes too. Form your own conclusions based on the data however.
Reference all your information sources properly at the bottom of your essay. Consider the overall impact on houses. Evaluate the risk levels and focus on the factors that are really important here for more marks. Write at least two concise snappy paragraphs. In order to fully get a decent mark note the number of marks offered and use your class notes as a source of fodder in addition for your geography coursework essay. Good luck.
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