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Watson Glaser test - comparing answers!

Hello everyone.
Below is a list of typical questions for the WG. Please, if you know anymore, especially from this cycle. Put them down below.
Note: there are NO official published answers for these. But if we work together, we can decipher the correct ones!

Inference (true/probably true/insufficient data/probably false/false)

Thirty years ago, the American town of Westfield began repossessing farms lost by their owners as a result of non-payment of taxes. To date the town has planted some 3,600 acres of community forest on some of this land. The pine trees have grown well. The town forest yielded the equivalent of £100,000 net profit on pulpwood last year and £95,000 the year before. Local authorities believe that the net profit on the pulpwood will continue to grow and eventually reach £300,000 a year from just the present 3,600 acres.

1. The town spends more to cut and sell the pulpwood than it gains from the sales.
2. Westfield's town forest will yield an annual net profit of £300,000 from the present 3,600 acres within two or three years.

The first newspaper in France, edited by Pierre Lebrun, appeared in Orléans on September 25, 1690, and was banned the same day by Justice Georges Bonet. The editor’s subsequent long fight to continue to publish his paper and print what he wished marks an important episode in the continuing struggle to maintain a free press.

1. The editor of this paper wrote articles criticising Justice Bonet.
2. Pierre Lebrun persisted in holding to some of his aims.
3. Justice Bonet objected to some of the items published in Pierre Lebrun’s paper.

Assumptions (conclusion follows?)

Investors should consider not only whether a company has ethical policies but also whether those policies are implemented before risking their money.
1. Companies should have ethical policies.
2. Investors prefer companies with ethical policies.

Many new sources of energy will be discovered, preventing future energy shortages.
1. Once new sources of energy have been discovered, demand for energy will not exceed supply.
2. The number of new energy sources is unlimited.

There is greater progress in science, environmental protection and education when nations cooperate rather than work alone.
1. International cooperation in scientific and educational programmes will lead from tyranny to free societies.
2. If nations cooperate in these areas, they will avoid military conflicts.

As more and more people plan to go on to university, many new university buildings must be constructed.
1. The number of university buildings that will be needed in the future depends on people's plans regarding higher education.
2. Existing university buildings are already overcrowded.

To succeed as a manager in the retail industry, a person needs to have the skills that would make them successful as a manager in any industry.
1. Some managers will work in more than one industry during their careers.
2. To succeed as a retail manager, managers who don't have the skills necessary to succeed in the manufacturing industry must build new skills.

People should not expect the best medical attention rather than the mediocre if they are not willing to invest their own resources in paying for it.
1. Better medical services cost more.
2. Free medical services are often second-rate.

Deduction (conclusion follows?)

The Society is one of three organisations that are able to award the qualification to their own members. The Society has awarded many of its members the qualification, though only a few people who are not currently members of the Society have been awarded the qualification. Therefore:

1. Some Society members are eligible for the qualification.
2. The award of the qualification grants membership of the Society.

All radicals are members of small minor political parties. No patriotic citizen is a radical. Therefore:

1. Some members of small minor political parties are unpatriotic citizens.
2. No member of a small minor political party is a patriotic citizen.
3. No patriotic citizen is a member of a small minor political party.

Interpretation (conclusion follows?)

While experimenting with ice cream for a school science project, Peter put a vessel of hot milk into the freezer in a hurry. He observed that his hot milk froze before his classmates’ cooler milk. The teacher with whom he discussed his observation conducted an experiment and confirmed that under certain circumstances hot water freezes faster than cold water. Some students argued that this could also be a result of incorrect experimental techniques.

1. According to the students the teacher did not collect all the data required to make a scientific evaluation.
2. Peter intended to find an explanation for his observation of cooling rates of liquids.

At the end of term, the students in Mrs Green’s class averaged 10 marks higher than the students in Mr Walter’s class on the same geometry test. Mrs Green and Mr Walter used a somewhat different method of teaching geometry.

1. The students in Mrs Green’s class were brighter as a group than the students in Mr Walter’s class.
2. The method of teaching used by Mrs Green was superior to the method used by Mr Walter.

Parents of a few students in a school started a signature campaign against the school’s new ‘No Homework’ policy. The school informed the parents that though it believed that student grades would not be affected by the new policy, it would review the policy if required. While some parents who signed the campaign letter withdrew their signatures, the rest filed a legal complaint against the school.

1. Some parents were willing to wait and see if their children’s grades would be affected without homework.
2. All parents who signed the campaign letter studied in schools that gave students homework.

Arguments (strong or weak?)

Would world organisations serve their customers better if there were no policies on dress and staff could wear what they wanted?
1. Yes; it is a significant added expense for people to have to buy different clothes for work.
2. No; People who wear untidy clothes take insufficient care of their own hygiene and this is not appropriate when serving customers.

Would it benefit a business if the make up of the management team reflected the diverse make up of its customers?
1. Yes; as otherwise it is not possible to accurately understand the needs of customers.
2. Yes; diversity in the make-up of the employees of any business is a sign of good practice, as it indicates the acceptance and the valuing of different groups.

Should cyclists be legally required to wear safety approved head protection?
1. Yes; it is unfair that cyclists don't have to comply with as many regulations as other users.
2. No; it will deter some from participating in this healthy form of exercise and therefore present a health risk.

Is it realistic for people to expect to enjoy their work?
1. Yes; no work is so without interest that you cannot take pleasure in it.
2. Yes; people spend a large part of their lives working, so their happiness depends on enjoying their work.

Would it be fair to car drivers if they are held legally responsible for driving a vehicle where some passengers were not wearing seat belts?
1. No; it is unreasonable to expect a driver to negotiate with passengers who were not prepared to wear seat belts but wanting to travel in the car.
2. No; if passengers know it is the driver’s responsibility not theirs, they will be slow to cooperate and waste the driver’s time.

Would publishing every person's salary increase fairness in the public sector?
1. Yes; it would be much harder to pay males and females with the same abilities different rates if each individual salary was open to public scrutiny.
2. Yes; debt is a major problem in society and knowing a person’s salary will make it easier for family and friends to identify when people are spending beyond their means and help them to address it.

Copy & Paste and comment your answers down below :smile:
hi please pm me. I have done this test for 2 different firms and would really appreciate some answers! Thanks.
If it's not too late, does anyone want to compare answers for the 21/22 app cycle? :frown:
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Original post by lawfirms70
If it's not too late, does anyone want to compare answers for the 21/22 app cycle? :frown:

Hi I will if you pm me! :smile:
Original post by kb210600
Hi I will if you pm me! :smile:

Hi! can you pm me instead bc somehow there's a message that says my profile isn't ready for direct messaging:frown: or perhaps we could use other channels? Do you have a TCLA account?
Hi, interested to compare answers too. My profile isn't ready for pm as well:frown:
Hi, I would be interested in comparing the answers too
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Any one found these answers? If yes please help me naa :frown:
Hi guys I have completed several Watson glaser assessments recently. I have a copy of a few ones I have taken. Would anyone like to compare answers to have better insight?
Hi guys I have completed several Watson glaser assessments recently. I have a copy of a few ones I have taken. Would anyone like to compare answers to have better insight?
Yes please share
Original post by LathamWatkins
Yes please share

Hey DM me and we can compare answers
Original post by Lawstudent2023
Hey DM me and we can compare answers

Hey just found out I'm successful in the Watson glaser test for Clifford Chance, what percentile did you get if you don't mind me asking? Also I am unable to DM rn
Original post by LathamWatkins
Hey just found out I'm successful in the Watson glaser test for Clifford Chance, what percentile did you get if you don't mind me asking? Also I am unable to DM rn

Hi congrats on that! I think I got in the 72nd percentile. Would you be able to compare at some stage ?
Hello, would anyone be able to help with the answers please
Is anyone able to share the answers please
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If you want help with the Watson Glaser test, I know that the Commercial Law Academy has a good course where all of the sections are explained and the founder of the platform gives tips on how to score well in each of those categories. There are also practice questions, which you could have a go at + videos with examples of questions and what the answers to those questions are.

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