Question about student loan when changing from master integrated to simple undergradu

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Since the start of the pandemy and given the quality of teaching from my uni, i have been thinking of changing my master integrated to a simple undergraduate

My uni also asks anyways for a 60% overall grade for our 2nd year and I'm not even sure I will get it this year (given they changed completely most modules content (to the point people who were in 2nd year last year don't understand what is our current content), and also changed the way of being assessed and we are basically the guinea pigs of the new ways of teaching (needless to say, most of us are not exactly having stellar grades)

And even with the general complains they refuse to either help more or reduce the theresold for the master integrated (because we missed a lot of content that had exemptions last year due to the 2 teachers strikes and then covid)
It kinda feels like sabotage tbh and I'm starting to have enough, plus our uni is having such finantial troubles I would rather be out before it closes (and worse case scenario we don't get our degree even if we finish)
In other words, I don't trust my university anymore. Plain and clear.

I am an EU student that is currently on her 2nd year, i am entitled (only) to tuition loans so I was wondering how that would effect it for the last year/third year?

I am planning to proceed with a master abroad (although if I don't do the master integrated I will need to wait a year in between because applications for that master are only every two years)

I do have a pre-settled status so I should get the loan to pay our full studies until we finish like they promised (and even an extra year if I were to repeat)
But i was wondering how easy it was to change from master integrated to simple undergraduate

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who replies or has any experience about it willing to share :D
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This should be automatic. When your university switches you to the BA/BSc then they will send notification to SFE who will update your loan details.

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