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Hi so we're studying L'étranger by Camus in French and I'm trying to revise it but I just have so much content and haven't had to revise a set text since gcses any suggestions on what to do/how to revise?
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I am assuming you are a GCSE or A-Level student?

First of all... Take it slow.

Make a plan on how many chapters you are going to study each day till your exam date/deadline.

For each chapter, make sure that you are engaging with the content and fully understand. Have a dictionary and grammar book at hand. Take notes on any vocab that you needed to look up on because that shows that those are your weak points and you need to brush up on that vocab and are confident that you know it.

Whist you are reading each chapter, make little notes because that will help you pay attention. Those notes should include the vocab that you are unsure of amongst other things that will help you engage with the content of the book.

After, have a look at any past papers and under timed conditions see if you are able to answer those questions. Mark it, identify your mistakes and understand where you went wrong. Consult the book and amend those mistakes and add corrections to your notes.

I would suggest that you read a few chapters of the book quite regularly (every other day) so that you are familiar and content with it because then in the exam you will be quite familiar with the book by then!

Hope this helps and good luck

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