AQA A Level English Literature Literary Criticism + Context???!!!

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Hey guys! Hope you’re all good. I’m struggling with remembering context for my A level English Literature texts, and finding literary criticism (A05) for most of the texts as well. Does anyone have any advice?

My texts and bits I’m struggling with:
- Othello - Remembering Context
- Atonement - Remembering Context + Finding + Remembering A05
Love + Relationships Poetry Pre-1900s - Remembering Context + Finding + Remembering A05
Journey’s End - Remembering Context + Finding + Remembering A05
The First Casualty - Remembering Context + Finding + Remembering A05
Wilfred Owen The War Poems Anthology- Remembering Context + Finding + Remembering A05

Can anyone help me please, as I’m really struggling and I have exams coming up soon? Thanks so much in advance x
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Gwil maybe you could help here?
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AO3 doesn't need to be about knowing historical facts -- it's more about relating the text's representation of themes or issues to the customs and conventions of the society it was written in. If you are doing Love Through the Ages, this will particularly be issues of love, sex and gender. For Shakespeare's Sonnet 116, for example, you could compare the poem to 17th century attitudes towards marriage, romantic commitment, equality between men and women, or homosexual love. For Blake's Garden of Love, you could discuss the role of religion in 18th century society and Romantic notions of free love, or innocence and experience. When comparing several texts, you should show awareness of the implications of the differences in their contexts.

As for AO5, it's not necessary to actually quote critics in your essays: it's enough just to engage with the debate when answering the question. I think I didn't quote a single critic in my exams, and I got a high A*.

The mark schemes have lots of suggestions of the kinds of content you could include for both AO3 and AO5. The examiners' reports are also well worth a read, as they outline the kind of approach to meeting the assessment objectives that is most successful.

I hope this helps!

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