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I'm writing a 2500-3000 word comparative essay on gender and comic appeal on The Importance of Being Earnest by Wilde and As You Like It by Shakespeare.

I'm struggling a lot, especially after my teacher gave me a tonne of overwhelming feedback on my first draft. The thing that's making it all difficult for me is that there is always evidence in the text that contradicts my point (that the disregard for gender roles in the plays is used as a comic device.) I try to incorporate the opposing evidence, but it weakens my argument. The playwrights never stick by a single message and, in fact, contradict themselves, so I don't know how I can argue my point fully.

I've always been a more science-minded learner. I know literature isn't black and white and there's always subjectivity but some of the things I argue are proved objectively wrong by evidence in the plays and I'm just really confused.

If I ignore all the evidence that contradicts my point, the essay is missing something, and it seems like I don't know the texts well. If I incorporate them and try to counterargue, it doesn't work so my essay will be all over the place and way too long.

I guess it's my fault for picking texts by two of the most revolutionary writers in history.

Someone please help me to successfully write this essay!!

Any advice will be much appreciated

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