Advice on courses for interests in anthropology and social and political theory ?

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I am looking for Master's degrees to apply for, and I wanted to know what people thought would be best for my interests. I am planning on going into academia eventually.

I am particularly fascinated in the intersection of culture and rights, with interests spanning from political theory to philosophy, anthropology and sociology/social theory - I am therefore looking for a very interdisciplinary course, which centres these topics. If I had to hone in on a topic, it would be something like the insights that can be gained from anthropological ethnographies and critical discourse theory/analysis for tackling the universalism and cultural relativism debate in Human rights theory and constructing normative theories of social justice. I am currently a final year in BA Politics with Human Rights at Essex. The following are my options so far, in order of preference:

1) MLitt Global Social and Political Thought at St Andrews

2) MA Anthropology and Cultural Politics at Goldsmiths

3) MSc Social and Cultural Theory at Bristol

4) Theory and Practice of Human Rights at Essex

5) MA Social and Political Thought at Warwick

6) MA Social and Political Thought at Sussex

Any insight on any of these, or other course would be very much appreciated!

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