Could someone tell me how to improve this gcse rs 12 mark question?

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(Original post by lawliet72)
the question is "esater is more importatn that christmas.. evaluate this statement etc."

this is my answer: (if someone could tell me how many marks i got and what i could do to improve that would be greatly appreciated )

to support this statement you could might argue that easter was the death of jesus and holds great significance to christans as it was when their sins were forgiven by god and allowed for them to restore relationship with god. it also celebrates his resurrection proving how he was the son of god and gods power is infinite, this is seen from this quote from the bible "god raised him from the dead". it also teaches people to forgive as jesus forgave his enemies, despite them killing him, the quote "love thy neighbour, but more importantly love thy enemy" supports this. this makes it more important than Christmas because forgiveness is one of the core teachings of Christianity.

on the other hand you could argue that christmas is just as or is more important because it was the beginning of jesus christ and made the events of easter possible; it symbolises the founder and start of christianity. christmas is more important because it brings family together and is a time to celebrate, as the three kings and shepherds gave him gifts and many people gathered there, teaching us we should love everyone despite familiarity. jesus' birth was also prophesised about in scriptures of god. they said there was going to be a messiah to die for our sins, this came true showing how the scripture of god is true, this allows christians to become more connected to christianity knowing that the scripture is real.

to conclude, i think that easter is more important as that holds more religious significance in their core teachings of forgiveness and resurrection.
Hi, it’s been nearly two years since I have touched RS so I don’t know if this is helpful but your essay seems good as you seem to look at both sides and refer to religious authority. The question says ‘evaluate’ so say to what extent you agree/ disagree with the statement in the conclusion. I did AQA RS and our teacher suggested a format of two for and two against paragraphs (so basically splitting each paragraph into two separate points)

I hope this is helpful.
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WWW: You stated why some might agree or disagree. Supported your points by referring to religious scriptures.
EBI: try to add a third paragraph after the disagree paragraph and you could include points such as "However some might agree they are both equally important" bla bla or "However this is a weaker arguement because" bla bla.
Your conclusion is a bit too simple comparing to your other detailed paragraphs. "In conclusion", you basically summarise whatever you said. Careful not to add any new points in the summary.

If i am being strict here, i'd give a 8/12 or maybe 9

some might not agree with me but that's how i was taught in school.

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