How do I tell this guy off/to leave me alone?

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I met this guy when I was 18 (2 years ago) at sixth form and I was infatuated with him I found him so good looking and he’s really my type physically. So we have been speaking a lot throughout two years and he wanted to date me at first but I knew he had a reputation for being a player so I never went there. He then got a gf and still tried to flirt with me (just proving my theory of him being a player)

So I’ve constantly turned him down trying to meet up with me to have sex, but I had a weird attraction to him physically and we actually had a lot of stuff in common so we had fun conversations and stuff too. We didn’t speak for a year and he’s popped back up for the last few months after just recently breaking up with the gf and he’s wanting me to be his “**** buddy” which I just kinda ignored, we’ve had a lot of normal conversations since he’s popped up but recently I’ve noticed he’s talking to me a lot more disrespectfully and grossly.

He’s now completely turned me off him with how he speaks to me like a sexual pest plus I’m now dating someone who’s so nice to me and gentlemanly. So I’m going to delete him when he next tries to talk to me, but i want to tell him off in the way he’s been speaking to me. Btw when he speaks to me like that I’ll just give a dry reply or ignore him I’ve never gotten angry or had a fight with him before but I’m so sick of how he talks to me and I want to give a short and sharp response.
For example the other day he tried to get me to send him nudes by claiming it was “for his happiness” and then when I said follow my private on my story he popped up n asked “will there be any explicit stuff ? If not don’t bother adding me” to which I just ignored but what should I say next time he blocks off to get the message across that he’s a disgusting pest? Before I block him? It’s a real shame because I kind of did consider him a friend with all the fun, normal conversations we had but he’s just turned out to be so disrespectful recently.
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Just block him and completely ignore him. He doesn't deserve your attention. Sounds like a real ****. Blocking him will have a much greater effect than anything you can say. If you want to talk to him again wait a while and unblock him and see if he got the message. Sorry but guys like that find it hard to change. But it is possible.

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