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A Level Psychology AQA - Online course recommendations/Questions

Hi, first post on student room! I am a mature student looking to do an A level in Psychology with AQA in England via online self study learning. Looking online there are ALOT of options. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good courses?

So far I've looked at the following courses however open to other suggestions:Oxbridge Home Learning, Cloud Learn, Open Study College, ICS, Learn Distance, Learning Centre, NEC, Oxford learning College, Up Learn

Seems there is a range of price options within these for similar support levels therefore I want to know if some are more reputable/well reviewed than others?

Another difference seems to be the option of booking an exam yourself which I am happy to do. I am based in Hertfordshire therefore there are alot of schools doing AQA Psychology exams around my home and in London. In people's experience is it easy to book exams yourself? What is the cost of this (3 exams for A level Psychology)?

Any advice would be really appreciated :-)
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I’m currently completing AQA A-level Psychology with Cloud Learn and they’re really good. What they class as ‘lessons’ are more like chapters, but you get a quick response from your tutor and the information is laid out easily.
I haven’t heard very good things about NEC, but I believe ICS Learn is quite reputable.

As for exams, I’ve booked mine with a school I use to attend, so it may be worth emailing some schools local to you and asking if they accept private candidates.
Hi, how was cloud learn? I’m looking to enrol for psychology biology and chemistry

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