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Making PC see camera as a mass storage device..

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    Hi, when my boyfriend was on holiday in Italy he formatted all the pictures he took by accident so now i'm trying to recover the pics for him. I've downloaded various recovery programs (Recuva, smart recovery, card recovery and one he bought from Boots), but I dont think they work because the camera (a Canon IXUS 75) is being recognised as a scanner/camera and not a mass storage device/removable drive so it hasnt got a drive letter for the software to search.

    Do you think buying a memory card reader would work? At the moment the camera is plugged in with USB with the memory card in it. I have the CD here but the machine is XP so it automatically detects the driver. Any ideas on how to make it see the camera as a removable disk? Willing to try anything at the minute to make this work!

    Not sure if I understand, but you want to use the recovery program(s) on the camera, the camera has some sort of storage? SD Card, miniSD etc?

    Try to install the Canon software, it may install drivers that the camera needs.

    Do you not have an option on your "My Computer" for the storage? When I plug my camera in, it comes us as "Camera (H: )" under My Computer, and I can access the files like a mass storage device from there.

    You can't make the camera appear as a mass storage device because it doesn't actually support that mode of connection (it uses a different type of connection that makes it appear as a camera).

    You will either have to use a built in memory card reader if you have one on your computer, or buy a USB memory card reader and use that.

    have you tried looking at the manual for the camera, a lot have a mode, but it may need fiddling in the menus to enable it
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    I put the memory card in a memory card reader in the end and it read it as a drive and i got the photos back
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Updated: October 3, 2008
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