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1. Do you struggle to communicate with nurses and other health professionals who wear a face mask?
2. Do you often feel that your needs are not met due to a communication barrier?
3. Are interpreters often available when visiting hospitals?
4. Do the interpreters often translate your message across successfully and do you receive an adequate response back?
5. Do you feel that you communicate best with those who fluently understand BSL/Makaton?
6. Would you feel comfortable and confident communicating with deaf/hard hearing nurse?
7. Have you ever felt discriminated or left behind due to being deaf whilst using a healthcare service?
8. Would you or have you ever felt empowered meeting a deaf nurse?
9. (Hypothetically) Do you think there would be a difference in treatment by a deaf nurse than to a non-deaf nurse?
10. Should there be more measurements to improve the quality of care for deaf patients, such as hiring deaf nurses and other healthcare professionals, wearing see through masks, and appointing services such as the sunflower lanyard?

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