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Health Science with Foundation Year at Nottingham University - Physiotherapy

Hello, has anyone done the Foundation Year Health Science at the University of Nottingham? I’ve been offered a place on this course as I want to be a physiotherapist. Do most students successfully transition onto the BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy degree afterwards? Is there a high conversion rate

However I also have the option to go straight onto a Physiotherapy degree at a smaller, less well known University, However, the Uni is not not ranked very high for this course and the location is less desirable.

So not sure what to do, I’d happily do the longer 4 years at Nottingham if I knew after my foundation year I would get onto the Physiotherapy degree, but worried I could turn down the definite offer of BSc Physiotherapy degree at the smaller, less prestigious University to do the foundation course at Nottingham, and then find that they only take a few of their foundation students onto the next level of their BSc Physio degree.

Would welcome thoughts on this?
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I would like someone to reply to that also I’m in the same situation.
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Original post by KiamidG22
I would like someone to reply to that also I’m in the same situation.

Hi - I’ve just found on the Nottingham Uni website that they’ve recorded a presentation for the foundation health science course that partially answers some of my original questions. So worth watching .
Il try and find it.
Actually could you please link it to me
I can’t find it so if it’s okay for the link
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Could someone answer the question asked here from their experience at Nottingham
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Hi - I enquired with Nottingham Uni a year ago and the course leader advised that the cohort at the time had 50% of its students go onto health related degrees (eg nursing, Physiotherapy) at Nottingham after the foundation year. You are guaranteed an interview for the degree you want but you are still competing at interview with all the external applicants, there’s no prioritisation at interview stage because you are already doing a foundation degree at Nottingham. Therefore as I ended up having 2 offers to get straight onto Physiotherapy at two other unis (smaller, less prestigious) despite the offers not being in my preferred choice of location I decided to accept one of the offers which guaranteed me a place on a BSc Physiotherapy degree rather than take the 50/50 gamble doing the foundation degree at Nottingham. If I hadn’t have had any other offers I would have done the foundation degree on the basis I had nothing to lose, and you can of course apply to other Unis afterwards with it, not just Nottingham. Hope that helps .
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Here is a copy of the actual email I received from Nottingham:biggrin:ear Xx I am writing further to the correspondence below as I have received a reply from the Admissions Tutor. They have advised that the Foundation year (FY) has only been running since last Sept 2020 and next year there should be approx. 30 students on the programme. FY students have to complete a successful interview to progress onto the degree as well as achieving an overall final grade of 60% for the FY certificate. This is an average of results from all 6 modules. The modules are all compulsory and content and development of skills are tailored to a Health Science degree. This year approximately 50 % of the students will progress internally to Health Science degrees. 7 FY students will progress to Physiotherapy here at UoN if they achieve the 60% or more at the end of the course. Physiotherapy is very competitive and FY students will be competing with all other UCAS applicants as well as each other for a place at UoN. Places are not reserved for the FY students. Interviews will be carried out in January or February 2022. All FY students are encouraged to also apply to other universities via UCAS. As the FY is an internal progression you would have the maximum 5 choices via UCAS. I hope this information was helpful in answering your query. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if we can be of any further assistance. Best wishes, Simon
Im currently on a a BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy with Foundation Year course and my advice would be not to waste time or energy on the “prestige” of a university. At the end of the day the course is the course and no one really cares what university you got your degree from - it doesn’t determine how good or bad of a physio you are.

Just make sure wherever you choose that the course is approved by the HCPC and CSP.
Will other universities accept the foundation year certificate as a way to get onto their Physiotherapy BSc course?
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Yes this is one of my questions… it seems a risk to do this foundation course with a 50-50 chance of getting into their physiotherapy course. Their other foundations are all a guaranteed entry into the degree if they pass the modules so would help to know if any other universities would accept this in place of biology A level.. I have an ABC A in RS B in English C in biology . All the universities want a B in a science subject
I might still get a B in biology but currently I’m predicted a C so I have applied to foundation physiotherapy
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Hi everyone, im just completing my foundation to health sciences certificate at notts, if anyone wants to ask specific qs dm me on insta im amyxheran (id rep on here but thats long lol)

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