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I have these question in my geography which I do not understand

6. What are the costs (negatives) and benefits (positives) of growing crops for fuel? (4 marks)

7. Explain how physical and human factors can contribute towards energy insecurity. (6 marks)

8. Explain how energy security can be improved (6 marks)
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When crops are grown to be used for biofuels such as biodiesel, this is mostly instead of growing the food to provide for families and to eat within the household. Subsistence farmers can often receive more money by selling their crops to energy companies or on international markets to be turned into biofuel, but this creates potential risks of food insecurity. You can talk about social contestation or conflicts between users or buy and demand.

Regarding energy insecurity, physical factors could be the lack of access to energy sources such as desertification and soil degradation leading to the lack of growth of trees, which many people need to use for firewood to heat their homes and cooking (for example in rural locations in Sub-Saharan Africa). There could be a lack of money or financial resources to import or purchase energy, or the government spends money on providing education, schooling, healthcare for example and doesn't invest as much money in energy provision. Or you could mention if a transnational corporation comes into an area and builds a factory, they can use all of the local energy provision meaning the local communities go without.

For the last question you could talk about the transition from non-renewable / fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy. This can allow countries to become more self-sufficient in their own energy production, and reduce political tensions and dependency when purchasing oil or natural gas (Wars over oil in the Gulf States in the Middle East for example). The government can also prioritise clean or renewable energy production, creating new policies, laws or funding the construction of new infrastructure or agreeing to the 2015 Paris Climate deal to set localised targets for reducing carbon emissions.

These are just some basic ideas I thought of, make sure to expand upon them or if you know of any case study or place specific information make sure to mention this too.
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