Unable to pay rent for a contract I signed online for years 21/22

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I have signed a reservation form with an estate agency for student accommodation and paid £100 in Nov 2020 to secure a room in a house for my last year at uni. They then sent me the tenancy agreement In the beginning of December 2020 which they wouldn't send until I paid the £100 and sent the reservation form. Before the 1st month's rent was due in January 2021 I contacted them to say I can no longer carry out the contract giving them 8 months notice to find someone else. They still want me to pay first months rent as a deposit for a room that starts in Sep 2021 until someone is found to replace. My Guarantor at the time had no employment and has now left the address that was given. Due to covid, I can't go to my current student address for year 20/21 so I'm left with paying 2 rents where me and my partner live (partner was out of work) and the student accommodation I can't get too. Please help I have no intension of going to this new house in my third year and I am close to deferring which means I defiantly cannot pay for this new room.


If the Tenant is unable to proceed for any reason with this agreement prior to the commencement or within the term, the tenant will be liable for the full term of the contract unless they find a suitable replacement to take over the tenancy in its entirety. The replacement tenant MUST be approved by the Landlord and they will still be liable for the advanced payment as mentioned in the agreed terms (1.1)”
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