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Question 3. Company X produces cars. X can gain income by producing and selling more cars. Company Y operates a Web portal that provides information services including information about cars. Y can gain income by providing advertisement services for companies and attract more readers by publishing news and interesting articles. A self-employed journalist Z writes articles for publishers including Web portals and gets payment from them. Z can get a higher income from the publishers by writing more and better articles that can attract more readers. Describe your strategies to increase the income value of X, Y and Z. Your answer should include the following parts:
(1) The general strategy and the reason. (4 marks)
(2) The strategy for X and the reason. (4 marks)
(3) The strategy for Y and the reason. (4 marks)
(4) The strategy for Z and the reason. (4 marks)
(5) A business principle or effect that supports the above strategies. (4 marks)

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