Any uni degree suggestions?

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I am really interested in technology and innovation, however I am not really good in maths only got 4 in GCSE maths
I was wondering if anyone knows of any uni degress regarding technology that do not require high maths grade
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I would note that technology is a fact of everyday life, and is used widely in all academic disciplines, and there are considerable efforts in the humanities and social sciences to expand e.g. digital approaches to those subjects. So there's definitely scope to explore the applications of technology in other subjects, and later focus on the specific matter of incorporating e.g. digital . KCL actually has an undergraduate degree in Digital Culture, which is somewhat unusual in that such courses (e.g. digital humanities etc) are mainly in existence as postgrad areas of study and research.

Something which may be interesting is more thinking about how technology has influenced the development of various aspects of human culture over time, and what technology "is". Courses in history, economic history, the history of art, the history of science, science and technology studies (STS), anthropology and/or archaeology all may consider this issue in various frames. For the history of art, history of science/STS and anthropology this is also not purely restricted to historical technologies but also how modern technology is used in contemporary society (and art), and these considerations of how technology affects contemporary (even day to day) life is a major area of research in those fields.

You may be interested in the degrees offered by UCL's department of STS/HPS, or the Anthropology with Innovation course offered by Bristol in that vein. UCL also has a degree in the History of Art, Materials, and Technology that studies not only the history of art but also how art is and was made, the techniques and technologies involved etc, through the ages up to and including new media. They also do some science-y stuff in first year, studying some of the science behind e.g. audiovisual technologies, chemistry as it relates to conservation and the materials used in historical artwork, etc.

Alternately something in the design realm may engage with it more directly in a day to day manner, which may include product design, game design, graphic design, illustration, animation, architecture, architectural technology, etc, etc. Some of these (e.g. some game design, architecture or product design courses) may require more of a mathematical background when applying and may include more mathematical content though. CoolCavy might be able to offer some perspectives on product design as an option, or PQ on some of the other design fields suggested above?
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