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hi, i have been living with my aunt, uncle, and their two 20-year-old boys for 4 years. I had to move in because my parents passed away 6 years ago and my grandparents can no longer take care of me. I am turning 16 in june! So i see my cousins as my older brothers and my aunt as sort of a mom? she gets upset that i still dont see her as my mom fully and she is also upset because i dont want to have the family last name. I am just not ready. The problem is, i was raised my whole life by my traditional mexican grandparents and my aunt and her family are mexican aswell, but they aren´t as traditional. I noticed some things throughout the years but this is one thing that bothers me and i need help as to what to say to my aunt. So my oldest brother paul, he is 25 , almost 26, and he still lives at home. I noticed that whenever my aunt is upset at me or vise versa, he is all kissy kissy with her. He acts more ¨here let me do as you say mama¨ he even does a weird voice and kisses her ass. (not literally lol) but even if theres no conflict between me and him, like we were fine 10 minutes ago or something, when he finds out that his mom is upset at me, he kind of tries to act ¨mad ¨ at me. My mom took away my airpods 3 days ago because she was upset that i don´t pay attention in class, i didn´t fight or argue about it, infact i said nothing. I can´t live without music and my whole family knows it. Literally. So I started using my other pair of headsets to listen to music on my laptop. My brother noticed today and reminded me about the airpods and i assured him that mom wouldn´t be upset, because its just music. He told me that I should just tell her, and i kept telling him ¨yeah okay, are YOU going to tell her if i don´t?¨ and he said ¨yeah obviously.¨ I asked him ¨over some headphones???????!!?!!!¨ and he gave me a yes look. So i stomped upstairs and showed my aunt the headset. ¨i am using these¨ and she said ¨oh okay!¨ and i walked down and told him ¨she didn´t care.snitch.¨ he sighed and got angry, and walked upstairs and i said ¨have a good night sleep.¨ and the FIRST thing he did is go to my aunts room to remind her about the headset again, and tell her that i called him a snitch, and soon enough i heard her yell at me, say ¨i love you¨ to him, kiss him goodnight and take my headset away. I am so tired of my 25-year-old brother acting like a child. I never in my life have snitched on any of my brothers, and i never would. I just don´t know why he tells my aunt about the smallest things and acts all ¨yes mommy at your service!!!!¨. Like bro really? what do i say? can someone tell me a good way to word ¨stop being a snitch, stop acting like you don´t know me when your mommy has a problem with me.¨
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your aunt is controlling and narcissistic, and your brother is a spoilt brat and a failure. don't worry about them, they'll always play these emotional games with you. i wish u strength so u dont let their emotional abuse get to you

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