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l’m unsure which uni would provide the best course for psychology. Herts, brunel, greenwich or queen mary?
Or if anyone studied/study at any of these unis doing psychology, advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there!

I know Surrey isn't listed but I thought I could provide you more information about Psychology here. I am a second year Psychology student, so I can answer any questions you have about psychology, uni and everything in general!

Although this is information for 2021 entry the information can still give you an insight into what Psychology would be like in 2022: https://www.surrey.ac.uk/undergraduate/psychology. There is also 4 different courses you can do which is all listed under the key information area.

If you also look at these two links you will be able to delve deeper into the psychology department and look at the facilities and equipment that will be available to you:

Furthermore if you are unsure about studying Psychology then see this link for 5 reasons why you should https://www.surrey.ac.uk/news/five-r...chology-surrey

Also here is some information from me about the standard and quality of teaching here at Surrey: : In the Psychology department, the department has always maintained a high standard. I feel as though I am really benefitting from the teaching here and learning new things. The lecturers have always been quick in helping me. They also have contact hours which you can attend and ask them any questions you may have. Although this is in the Psychology department - I have no doubt that the teaching will be great and supportive. For other support around the uni, there is a health and wellbeing centre which can help with any needs such as sexual health, mental health or any queries you may have. There is also a Career service team that can help with CVs and cover letters and even interviews. I am currently applying for placements in HR and the career team have been extremely helpful in reading my CVs and helping me improve it to enable me to get through the application process of many HR roles.

I hope this helps and give you some more information and options when it comes to considering unis for psychology ! Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


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