What should I add to my melody???? HELP!

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So I've come up with a 16-bar melody and don't know what to do add (like texture, structure - that sort of thing). I'm going for a calm meditation song and it is in d major as we are studying defying gravity edexcel. Any advice/suggestions would be very useful!
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If it's a calm meditation song, then you need a singer and lyrics. Although, the lyrics could just be vowels, as in "oo", "aah", "uuh", etc.

I listen to meditation pieces while working sometimes, and they often have legato, steady chords underneath the stepwise, tonal melodies. The pace at which the chords move is usually quite or very slow. As in you'd have max. 2 chords per bar. The melody and the harmony should be tonal rather than atonal. It should sound appealing to the ear, mimicking nature. Harmony can be a bit, but not too, dissonant, with some suspensions. You can have a few extensions on the chords as well. However, all of the chords should feel like they're flowing into one another. Maybe make them stepwise too in their movement?

The texture is usually melody-dominated homophony, as your attention is supposed to be concentrated upon one melody at a time.

The dynamics should move gradually from soft to loud or loud to soft, rather than having quick and extreme changes.

The structure of meditation songs is usually through-composed. This means that there's one massive section which continues throughout the entire piece. You could repeat it though.

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