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Hello guys, I am in a dilemma about my future career and would you like you guys to be honest and maybe give advice , if you can. .... so a little background , I graduated with a biomedical science degree [1st class] last year. I initially did not plan to do a biomedical degree and was planning a gap year but decided against and made the choice to go to university instead. I picked it because I liked biology and lab work and believed that it would allow me to specialise in a variety of subjects after graduation, honestly it was my best option. I did enjoy my time at university both theory and practical based , however some instances did make me think that being laboratory in the future wasn’t for me. I feel like I don’t have enough knowledge or passion to work in a laboratory. I’ve always wanted to do something within healthcare, initially it was nursing but lack of experience and other peoples experiences put me off the career. I feel like my career team in college really weren’t the best and due to not having the best predicted grades enforced the idea of a gap year onto me. Anyways what I wanted to say is I like human biology and enjoy learning about different mechanism and diseases and how to diagnose and treat them , however I also like interacting with people. I am a very shy person but always willing to help people.Now I have couple of career ideas that combine what I like but the question is , whether it’s worth and realistically will it be the best path for me. Becoming a biomedical scientist has proven to be extremely hard. One of my biggest regrets is not having done the placement year in order to gain my HCPC registration but once again I did not know much about the placement year and didn’t think i will get accepted regardless. It’s also very difficult to get a trainee biomedical scientist position in London , there’s like 4/5 each year with most of them being open to internal applicants. Another career choice I considered is becoming a physican associate and is career that I heard about during my final year in university and I did think it was something I wanted to do. I liked that it involved patients and I was able to use the knowledge of what I learned in biomedical science. I did go to a few university open days and did enjoy the course. It was like medicine except it didn’t have the responsibility and the work balance were better. But once again my issue with applying for the course is my lack of work experience in healthcare. It’s essential to have work experience and I’ve tried to gain some work experience during last year but unfortunately due to covid that wasn’t possible and even before that I couldn’t get any job as a healthcare assistant jobs as they all required having a NVQ which I did not have. I also do not understand the full role of a physician associate and it being a fairly new role I do not want to blindly into another role and not enjoy it after I graduate. It’s also very competitive, as it everything, but even if I did try I would not have a good chance of getting in. Another option is applying for the STP ( scientist training programme) and maybe specialise in immunology/infections or another specialism. I really like the course and the work based training they offer. I also enjoyed all the clinical modules that we did final year of university and think I would enjoy the training programme as well. It’s not possible to gain work experience in clinical science due to covid and I don’t know what other steps I can do. It’s also very competitive programme to get into , and honestly coming from a BAME background I don’t think I have the best chance of getting it. I’ve read stories and forums of people who work with nhs on a band 7/8 and have years of experience not getting in. Yes a few undergraduate have also gotten in but they’ve always done a placement year or have been working in a laboratory , neither which I have.

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