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I am currently a high school student on a gap year. I work full-time as a software engineering assistant for a university, getting involved in programming, predominantly centered around AI-research and have a publication with more (hopefully) on the way.

However, I am at a bit of a predicament. I would ideally really love to get a successful job at a company like DeepMind (so we are talking aspirational placements etc), as I am pretty much only interested in the AI/ML side of CS. But, I have an offer from Oxford for Physics, and not CS. This is due to the fact that I was also passionate about Physics and felt like I was far stronger at Physics (despite the fact that I am "well" above average for my age at CS).

That being said, I am waiting to hear back from the Ivy League schools in the USA. So, if I were to get an offer from, say, Columbia etc, would it be more preferable for me to major in CS/Phys in the USA vs doing a BSc or MPhys at Oxford. The advantages of Oxford are that a MPhys takes only 4 years versus the 6 year courses in the USA. Moreover, Oxford is very math-heavy, whereas colleges in the USA take a bit of time to get into the "challenging stuff".

Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do? I don't want to get an Oxford Physics (hopefully first class) degree only to then struggle to find a top job in AI. Thank you!

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