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Hi everyone. I got accepted to UCL for History, Politics, and Economics BA. However, according to what I've seen on the handbook, the courses for this degree is going to let students write plenty of essays. Since I am an International student, I am actually worried about that is my ILETS score(7) enough for me writing nice essays in university. Here is my question:

Could you recommend some summer/winter online training programs/lessons that can improve pre-university students' academic writing skills? Share your experience if you have taken one of them. Thank you very much.
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I've never really went to any specific courses, so I can't recommend any myself.

I have seen a number of schools that help international students with English do academic writing courses though. Many universities have their own academic writing courses e.g. Glasgow, Oxford. In fact, a quick Google search shows UCL does one: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/teaching-learn...ting-two-weeks.

The book I would recommend reading is How to Write Great Essays by Peter Levin.

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