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Try Prague in the Chezch republic, accomodation 2 yrs ago was very cheap so was transport there plus alcahol was n shoppin but I havent been since it has the euro.
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(Original post by amazingtrade)
Barcelona is very cheap for a large city though and you could even stay some where like Lloret Del Mar and do the whole thing for about £200 a week.
Went to Lloret last year for christmas (2003 xmas that is) and we went swimming on xmas day and was in bright sunshine on the beach in boxing day... You can get to Barcelona from there pretty easily too if you wanna day trip out or something.

But while we're on the subject of holidays, any suggestions for me and my boyfriend (who i met when I went on that xmas holiday.. lol). Somewhere hot, and where there is plenty of entertainment yet not too busy... and maybe slightly romantic... :p:
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