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I’m currently in my third year of doing a BPS accredited Psychology degree, but thinking of my next steps. My end goal is to end up on a doctorate programme doing educational psychology, but I’m thinking of doing a masters in the mean time because there doesn’t seem to be much employment out there.

But, the masters I have found (at Nottingham Trent) is not BPS accredited - MSc Applied Child Psychology. The course sounds perfect and what I’m definitely interested in, but I’m in two minds whether to do it. I’ve emailed doctorate programme leaders and they all focus on the need for experience, but even most assistant psychologist roles require a masters.

Basically, I don’t know whether it’s a waste of time to do a Masters that’s not accredited. If I do the Masters, will it be less recognised when applying for jobs if it’s not accredited?? Help!!

Also does anyone know why it seems like hardly any Masters are accredited??
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As far as I've heard, if your undergraduate is accredited, then you are eligible for a membership. So I don't think you need to worry about that. And as for masters, I would recommend you to go for it having an extra master degree is not going hurt and it will surely increase your employability prospect.

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