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NAT5 - MATHS(A), PHYSICS(A), CHEMISTRY(A), ENGLISH(A), FRENCH(A), MODERN STUDIES(A), PE(A), APPLICATION OF MATHS(B) - AoM should have been an strong A, but for school error. English, ModStud As were a nice surprise but being honest I dont think I would have got these in exam conditions.

HIGHER targetted - MATHS(A), PHYSICS(A), FRENCH(A), CHEMISTRY(B), ENGLISH(B) - chemistry target was dropped to B before Xmas after 63% in end of unit test. I couldn't concentrate in class and studying for weeks when my gran was seriously ill in hospital and then died of covid but I am studying now and hope I get the opportunity to get it back up to an A. English B might drop to C.

To be honest I still don't know what I want to do after school, but I find maths the easiest and enjoy science and I am thinking about and looking into what engineering is and if I want try to go for an engineering degree.

For S6 I need to choose 5 subjects, which I can drop to 4 if I take at least one AH.

I'm pretty sure I'll do MATHS AH, PHYSICS AH. Maths i am ok with, Physics AH will need a lot of work especially the bigger assignment as we haven't learned to do one during Higher this year.

CHEMISTRY AH is a possible, but our school doesn't do it so would involve going to another school for those periods and timetable clashes missing periods which will add to pressure. Would it be better, not saying I'll get A but, to have 2A for Maths/Physics AH than 3 Bs?

I am stuck for what to take for the other 2 subjects. I can't wait to drop English and French. I don't want to pick up modern studies again, I could possibly pick up PE again and do higher for fun/personal development and not care too much about the grade.

Another option is the YASS T192 Engineering 30 credit course (no UCAS points) - Has anyone done this or another one of these courses before beside 2AH and another Higher? I am an ok student, but I need to work hard for my grades and I don't want to overload myself (and need some life too!). Does it matter for this course I haven't done any engineering type subjects - graphic comms, d&m, computing or engineering. Or it might be good as it will fill that gap, show independent study for an engineering application. Or would it be better doing a crash higher in something for more ucas points?????

Picking highers was a lot easier 😖
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I recommend if you don’t get higher english at B you may want to think about retaking but it really does depend on the uni and course you want to go to. You could always do a crash higher or a subject you find fun as s6 allows you have some leeway because most of your grades are achieved in s5! Also it’s very uncommon to do 3 advanced Highers because of how hard they are so I’d be careful with that as most schools will advise against it unless you are like super smart, even then they don’t recommend it. Good luck
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