What is the most important issue today in the Middle East/ the Persian Gulf?

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In your view in the West

What are the most important issues today in the Middle East/ the Persian Gulf?

What are the most known issues that appear in the media in the West (America, the United Kingdom, Europe) about the Middle East in general / the Persian Gulf in particular (the Gulf states)?

For example, are these issues known in the West, and which are the most well-known
- Iran's nuclear program
-Arab-Israeli normalisation
-The war in Yemen

I am looking for a good topic about the Middle East in general, and the Persian Gulf region (Gulf States) for my PhD in politics.

Any advice please

Thank you
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All of those 3 issues have been covered extensively in the news and even more thoroughly in academia, theyre not exactly unknowns - although Yemen tends to be eclipsed these days. As to 'well known', in a similar vein to your broad question, there is no real answer as it varies between people, their interests and their sources of news. Someone reading exclusively the DM is unlikely to be intimately familiar with the strategic rationale behind the JCPOA or Saudi atrocities in Yemen. Fewer still are probably aware that the supposed normalisation between Israel and a few of the Arab states is little more than making a long running affair official. And almost exclusively to form a bloc to terrorise Iran.

I am curious though, if you are planning on doing a doctorial thesis on the ME how do you not have your topic narrowed down from a simple geographic area? It being a fairly substantial undertaking to embark upon and a surprising one if you're having to poll random users of TSR?

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