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All my dad does is smoke, he had three heart attacks already but he tries to make people feel sorry for him. Now he uses a vape.

His smoking has probably damaged my lungs as I'm always coughing and feel breathless. I use my inhaler more often because of it. He is narcissistic and always thinks how certain situations has an impact on HIM. My late mother kept on saying to my dad to stop smoking in the house since I was small- but he still does it.

He acts like a big baby. so he baked bread and he just left the mess in the kitchen without cleaning it. I had to clean up after him. If I baked something I would always clean up my mess. I was taught that from my mum, at school, from family. But my dad would leave his mess and he's 50+

He would always blame myself and my brothers for everything! He never seeks professional help as he suffers from depression.

My mother died of cancer- almost 2 yrs ago now but she always led a more healthier life style, she would always listen and she was more caring. Before my mum got cancer, I would say she was the healthiest compared to my dad.

Maybe it's being in lockdown as I'm seeing more of his baby like behaviour, but I'm sick of it and I'm just really angry.

Am I wrong, any advice??, Thank You AND BE KIND
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I'm really sorry about your mum and your dad's seeming lack of care for your health. How old are you? Apart from the smoking would you say that you feel safe and happy at home? Is there anyone else in your family who you could stay with for a while to try and emphasise to your dad how seriously you take the smoking? (this would be allowed through covid guidelines I think)

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