I get so obsessed with people

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I’m such an obsessive person and lockdown makes it worse for some reason

Like, I have a crush on this guy I BARELY know rn, and honestly, I feel like we just have to end up together forever.

And it feels like this feeling will never pass, but I know from past experiences it will

But it’s so weird and I feel like a freak

Is anyone else the same ?
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ur not a freak u just seem naive how u think u will end up together

but its fine i get attached sometimes
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Perhaps I'm a little warped, but to be perfectly candid this makes me feel like you have some mental health issues you may need to work through? Tell me if I'm wrong! You could be the happiest person in the world for all I know, it's just that I've spotted a pattern.

I've got experience with girls who get very intense crushes on people who show them basic kindness because it's so foreign to them for instance. There's also a pattern of jumping from 'soulmate' to 'soulmate' with BPD, although this really needs some research as there's a whole host of other things here, and for all I know other mental health issues could cause this symptom too. One final thing here is just an honourable mention really, as it's not something I can prove but it's something I resonate with, and that's attachment types; personally I seem to have a very insecure attachment type, which I think can cause a lot of clinginess, verging on the obsessive.

I rarely post on anon but it seems to fit here because a lot of this is pretty personal. Again, I could be incredibly off here, but I thought I might as well bring it up.

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