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I'm in year 12 and I find it soo hard to motivate myself to do homework especially now that it is online. I either don't do it or do it the night before. This has resulted in me now sleeping at 5 or 6 in the morning pushing it to 7 at times. But to be fair it takes me a while to get settled before going to sleep; I spend a lot of time on my phone and take long breaks. My school week ends on Thursday and from then onwards I don't do work until Sunday night. I sleep into the afternoon my latest being like 5pm and I just waste my whole day.
I also hate one of my a level choices which is physics. I have been disliking it since October and just put in little to no effort . I don't know whether to just give up coz I'm a lazy person. I also have my last grade dance exam coming up which I also haven't prepared for ;I hate that too
Any advice?

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