Psychology Thesis Participants Needed!

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Hello all!

I am currently in the process of recruiting participants for the first study of my thesis: an online focus group study investigating adolescents' (11-18 year olds) perceptions of their age group's exposure to sexually explicit online material and beliefs about sexual behaviour of other people their age.

Participating in this study will take approximately 60-90 minutes in which participants' perceptions of the general attitudes and behaviours of young people around sexually explicit online material and sexual behaviour will be discussed. Questions specifically guide participants away from drawing on their own personal experiences and ask them to talk generally about other people. The other participants in the focus group will be of a similar age (11-13 year olds, 14-16 year olds and 17-18 year olds) and consist of same-sex adolescents.

This study has been granted full ethical approval by the University of Buckingham's School of Psychology ethics committee in which the safety, security, anonymity and confidentiality of all adolescents and their responses has been of the utmost importance in our consideration when designing this study.

If anyone has any children or siblings who they think would be interested in taking part, please contact me. Thank you for your time!
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