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So I am currently choosing what subjects I want to take at IB. I want to probably do law at university and I'm not certain which subjects are better than others. As far as I'm aware, no law degrees have required subjects but obviously, there are some preferred.

My first question is: would a university prefer psychology or philosophy for a law degree?

At higher level, which of these is harder and which is more interesting?

I didn't take history at GCSE but my school have said that I can take it at IB HL if I want and I know that this is a subject that is good for law. I have spoken to a history teacher and she thinks I could probably get high grades at it.
But is it even worth it, should I do philosophy instead where I probably have a better chance at getting a 6/7? Am I less likely to get accepted for law if I don't have history?

say I did this:
HL English Lit
HL Philosphy
HL Psycology
SL spanish ab initio
SL maths
Would I still be likely to get into law?

Sorry there are a lot of questions but I would be grateful for any advice.
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I think History definitely looks good for law but History is extremely hard to get a 7 in so if you think you statistically have a higher chance of a 7 in philosophy, go for it. Plus, since law doesn't have requirements and you are already taking English HL I would say you are good.

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