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For our English critical essay section, we are doing Fearless by Janice Galloway. We've only done one in class and I got 17/20 but my teacher said I could have included more analysis. She said this to the other girl that got 16/20 too except we dont actually have much analysis for the story. Any tips on how to analyse something from prose? And how to include it in an essay?
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A critical analysis is always subjective-that is, it requires the student to provide their own evaluation of a text. While providing background information (summary) about the text is key, the focus of a critical analysis essay is on expressing your own opinion about the reading. However, it is important to note that the word "critical" in this context does not necessarily refer to finding fault in a work of literature. Instead, it implies conducting a close reading by paying attention to details in the text to gain a full understanding and evaluate its merits.

A critical analysis essay may include a range of topics from rhetorical analysis to prose analysis. In your question, you have stated that you are required to conduct a prose analysis. This means that you need to focus on the relevant features, such as setting, plot, characterization, narrative technique, themes, language, etc. You do not need to examine all of them but just a few that may give you a minimum of five paragraphs. That means at least three features (say, characterization, setting, and language use) with each discussed and analyzed in its own body paragraph. In conducting your analysis of, say the setting, please remember to identify where the story is set (the location/place and time/period), why this setting is important to the key ideas or major theme of the text, and whether it has been used effectively.

I hope this helps. However, if you need further assistance, kindly do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you and have a lovely evening.

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