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I recently joined the facebook group for freshers going to my uni this autumn and i keep seeing the link to the main freshers whatsapp group chat floating around. I really want to join but worry it will be awkward with so many people in one chat?
What have your experiences been like with them? Is it worth joining?
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Just join and if you don't like it you can always leave. It's not a great committment 😂
WhatsApp chats can be a lot of fun, if anything, lots of people being in the chat makes it less awkward, because you know it's going to be active. As for a link, this would be something for you to find, as they are university specific. Just go onto your university freshers course page and see if someone has posted it there. If they haven't, simply write a post of your own saying you are looking for it, and an admin should provide the link for you.

The best WhatsApp group chat you can have (in my opinion) is your course chat. You or someone else on your course can create one when you first get to uni. A person on my course literally just passed her phone around after an induction lecture and we added ourselves to the chat that way. Your peers are the people who can understand exactly what you're going through, they can support you, have a laugh and they can become great friends.

So don't be wary of group chats :smile: and as OL said, if you don't like one you've joined, you can just leave!

- Rosie

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