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So basically now that we’re doing “mini exams” my sixform is making us do an exam every single week to get an average grade. I was originally prediticed a B in sociology but i needed an A for uni and was a few marks off in the mock so got it pushed to an A but now i’m so scared i won’t able to consistently get an A and won’t get into uni so pls help how do i get an A in sociology 🥲😞
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Honestly, I understand how you feel. At the start of year 12 I was working at D’s, and was also predicted this. However, towards year 13 I changed this, and consistently achieved A/A*’s, being predicted an A in the end. I would say that my number one tip is to do essay plans, and learn them. Honestly, you might think that this is stupid but it helped me so much! I’d say that this gives you a feel of the exam, and allows you to understand the nature of the questions in more depth. Also, you should make sure you know specific sociologists/statistics for each A03/evaluation point you make. You should always be able to evidence your findings, or else it’s hard to get marks in the top bands. Another thing which i have started to do more is ensuring that I mention multiple sociological perspectives throughout my exam answers whether that be New Right, Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism or Postmodernism. In the mark schemes, it says that in order to fall in to the top bands, you should comfortably be able to mention multiple sociological perspectives. I hope this helped, and all the best!

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