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I feel like Ik the answer but I'd really appreciate some insight even if you have not started a business in uni but with time etc etc.

so I recently started learning how to do phone screen repairs and I thought it would be really sick if I could make some money from it on the side (with thousands of people in 1 uni and phones always breaking I'm sure there is bound to be some business there) anyway so uni dorms not being massive and parts being expensive I wouldn't stock anything but I also have some app ideas which with some help I think could work.

I guess my point is
1. is it even possible to start a business while in uni (anything not just my examples)
2. Do you have to let the uni know you are doing it

I'd be really interested to hear peoples opinions.
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Yes and Yes.

1. There are students who have either started a business whilst at university or were running businesses whilst at university. It's rare though because of how hard it is to manage your time.
A standard full time university course should take 40 hours a week of classroom time and self study (if you're not putting in the hours, then it's likely you will struggle). If you replace the time you will be doing a part time job (20 hours a week) with the hours you intend to run your business, then you should be able to do everything in 60 hours a week, whilst still maintaining your sanity. During the busier times of the year (deadlines, exams, etc.), you will need to cut back on your business. It will be hard though.
You will have legal, financial, and business responsibilites and obligations you will need to fulfil. Failing to do so can land you in metaphorical hot water.
If you have a lot of uni work piling up, can't keep up with class, cannot manage your time very effectively, or fail to excel in your degree, then I wouldn't bother trying. You are at university to study for a degree and earn high grades. I wouldn't compromise that for the sake of earning a bit more money. If it doesn't become an issue, then yeah, go ahead, provided you can manage everything.
I recommend looking up Richard Yu on YouTube as a case study (he studies at UCLA, whislt help run a fitness coaching business and his own mentorship networking business). He has a crazy timetable.
An alternative is Ali Abdaal who ran a business selling courses on preparing for BCAT and getting into medical school.

2. Yes, especially with what you intend to do.
I only know of 2 universities that require you to not run a business or work during term time, and that's because of how intesive their degrees are (Oxbridge). Every other university in the country, to my knowledge, allows you to run a business.
The thing about using university premises to run a business, is that there are many legal implications for the university, so I wouldn't do it on university premises, especially when what you do provides no contribution towards research. If you do decide to run it in your dorm, you will need to notify the university.
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