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Maynard and Millie have a six-month-old daughter, Melissa. Milla is deciding whether to return to work in one month when Melissa is 7 months old or in six months when she is a year old. Based on the stages of attachment, when would you recommend Mille returns to work?

It would be better if Millie waits a year to return to work. This is because?

I want to put in these points but don't know how: specific vs multiple attachments, easier to leave, less anxious
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Hi there,

You could explain how by the time that the child has reached the age of 1, she will have developed more attachments compared to when she is 7 months old. For example, by the age of 1, most infants no longer exclusively breast feed and so form more of an attachment to their father. Infants at that age are also more likely to be exploratory in their nature, learning to walk and talk so the specific attachment towards their mother reduces slightly. The Schafer and Emmerson study clearly states more of an independence on the infant at that age and so it would be easier for the mother to leave the infant without the onset of separation anxiety.
It would also be good to comment on how, whilst the attachment theory is valuable, it has its criticisms such as the study used to explain attachment used a very specific population of people and so could be difficult to generalise overall data. There are also other attachment theories that would go against this theory which may be good to comment on.

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